Pieksi und Griffel - for small and tall!

  • No BPA, PVC & melamine

  • Developed and produced in Germany

  • Produced from more than 94% renewable raw materials

  • For more pleasure while eating

  • Fully recyclable packaging

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For children

Our snack picks are large enough for small hands to grip well, the material is handy and they are almost indestructible.

Children feel motivated to taste something new or to eat unloved food when they are introduced to it in a playful way. The Pieksis bring more joy to eating as well as learning to eat and thus teaches how to use cutlery at an early age.

For parents

Our Pieksis do what they are supposed to - they poke ! :) Thanks to the barbs, the pricked food doesn't fall back onto the plate - or onto your pants. They are practical and handy - at home and on the go. Pieksis ensure that your childrens' snack ends up where it should - without sticky paws. Saving your precious time, they protect everything from unwanted finger prints. Pieksis are easy to clean and can generally be put in the dishwasher . (Hand wash recommended. More information here)

Snacking with Pieksis makes children smile - what more could you ask for?

For the environment

Made in Germany: Our Pieksis are dreamed up, developed and produced with joy and enthusiasm in the south of Baden-Württemberg .
The snack picks are sustainable, they consist of more than 94% renewable raw materials (glucose, e.g. from sugar cane/sugar beet). A maximum of 6% of the material consists of approved organic additives, minerals, natural waxes and dyes, all of which are necessary to ensure specific material properties (fracture behavior / workability) and of course the bright colors.
They are BPA, PVC and MELAMINE FREE. The packaging is made of polyethylene (LDPE) and is completely recyclable and not aluminum coated.

  • “Our children love the cute Pieksi hedgehogs. They ensure a short while and clean hands at the table. We are also happy to have them with us on the go to avoid greasy fingers. The Pieksis are lovingly designed, of high quality and sustainable.

    Just great!"


    Mom of Hanna (2y) & Ellie (8m)

  • "...bought it as a small gift and have been using it almost every day since then..."


    Grandma of Lisa (3y) & Tom (1y)

  • "The cute, practical and reusable alternative to poking with a toothpick - the little hedgehogs bring a lot of joy (it always has dibs on the last piece...) and are an integral part of everyday life..."


    Mom of Paul (16m)

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